Map of the Files on the Kasoft Website

The Kasoft website is partitioned into directories as follows:

  • /—index pages, mailing list home pages and this site map.
  • ARM—documents and materials related to the ARM platform.
  • Central—the Kasoft Central website, the personal homepage of the Archer.
  • Documentation—documents relevant to platform compatibility, project content and the users of Kasoft software.
  • Downloads—Kasoft software binaries and sources.
  • Humour—documents not to be taken seriously.
  • Projects—the Kasoft software projects database.
  • RISCOS—documents and materials related to RISC OS.
  • ThirdParty—documents and materials relating to third party software.
  • UI—documents and materials relating to user interface design.
  • Video—documents and materials relating to video software and hardware.
  • Whitepapers—general computing documents not specific to a platform or project.

Images are usually placed alongside the pages that reference them, or sometimes in subdirectories of the pages that reference them.

Dates at the bottom of pages are maintained by authors and editors. Only changes of substance and significant changes of style are noted. Refer to HTTP headers for actual date of last update.

Subdirectories are title case. Files are lower case. Hyphens are used to break words.

Site Highlights

Maintained by Kade Hansson; e-mail: archer@kasoft.info; Top level map updated on 17 March 2005; XHTML 1.0 Transitional.