Kasoft Software's mission is to provide innovative and robust software systems that evolve according to the needs of the end-user. We aim to provide efficient and compact software that does not place unnecessary demands on hardware, while providing a high-level of functionality.

Kasoft places emphasis on a high degree of backwards compatibility while still taking advantage of new and evolving standards. We strive to write software that has an intuitive interface, is well documented, and is potentially adaptable to a wide variety of computing environments and application areas.

These goals lead directly to the chosen development platforms.

Kasoft Software is a low profit organization which believes that software, like books, should be provided for the common good of humanity. Its price (i.e. unit cost) should reflect the effort of those who worked on it (i.e. the total cost) balanced against the amount of reward which the software is giving to the end-user (i.e. units sold). If little effort leads to great rewards, then once the effort is renumerated, the rewards should not carry further cost.

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