What is MultiAS?

MultiAS is an extension framework for all versions of AntiSpam, and in particular the Kasoft version and Dave Higton's version.

AntiSpam provides rules for categorizing mail based on the contents of its headers. These rules can be a little bit simplistic. If you need to get complicated, AntiSpam suggests user tests be written. User tests are BASIC libraries which allow programmers to evaluate complex heuristics in order to determine whether a message should be loaded. Unfortunately, the average user of AntiSpam has no inclination to cut BASIC code, or the inspiration to come up with these "complex heuristics."

MultiAS to the rescue! MultiAS provides a grab bag of useful user tests which can be operated with minimal fuss. It also provides an extensible framework for other parties with more patience to come up with suitable tests. You can also hook into other pieces of spam busting software, like BogoFilter.


I owe a debt to Dave Higton and the AntiSpam mailing list for this work: in particular I should thank Steve Pampling for suffering through some dodgy betas.

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